Doug Kirkpatrick, Earl McCune, and Dubravko Babić met in the most “Silicon Valley” way possible – over the discussion of a different startup that they were considering.

That opportunity turned out to be a false lead, but the “what if” discussions that followed led to the “AHA!” realizations that became Eridan. Rick Booth joined the team a few months later and Eridan was born.

Dr. Doug Kirkpatrick

Doug’s focus is on driving technology maturation to product reality. From RF lighting to LED flashlights and bio-jetfuel, he is driven by the desire to put technology-enabled change in the hands of customers.

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Dr. Earl McCune

Doing RF since 1968, Earl has learned much about what it takes to make wireless communications actually work.  His focus on high energy efficiency leads to emphasizing polar modulation.

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Dr. Dubravko Babić
VP RF Devices

Prof. Babić is Eridan’s resident wizard of all things Gallium Nitride and RF. His broad background in optoelectronic device design and engineering is only exceeded by his dogged patience in laboratory test and measurement.

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Dr. Rick Booth
VP RF Systems

How many engineers get a chart named after them? Rick is both “chief engineer” and “lead curmudgeon” for Eridan. It’s always a better day when Darwin comes to work along with Rick.

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